Keep Printing In House!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Consider keeping your print in house. Sharp production technology helps your non-profit, education, or faith based organization produce high quality brochures, flyers, letters, booklets and other materials to help you communicate to your audience. Exclusive technology to print edge to edge with a folding unit, the Sharp MX8090 is the only production unit on the market to produce full bleed booklets without adding an expensive finisher. A cost effective solution that does not require the same space as other manufacturers.

Having the ability to print documents for marketing, education materials, training booklets, magazines, calendars and other creative documents will allow your organization to print only what you need and only when you need it. Eliminating outsourced printing cost puts the control in your marketing team to see that the materials used for branding is done correctly all the time. The ROI is there. It only takes a modest amount of print materials to justify a solution for an internal printing solution. Often times the budget for outsourcing print is much more than the solution to bring it in house. Before you send a print job out take a little time to discuss your options with a VOS Upstate team member.

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