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Managed Print Services

What exactly is Managed Print Services and how can it help your company?

Managed Print Services is a means of providing the client with a service plan to service the accounts printers, improve the document processing efficiency within the office, and provide a reduction in expenses related to your printer fleet.

A Managed Print Services plan gives you a means of identifying all the costs associated to your printer fleet. We'll make you aware of who is involved with the various activities related to supporting your printer fleet. We'll also update you on the current condition of each unit and then finally, create a cost saving plan exclusive to your account and your machines.

You, the customer, benefit from the program by:

  • Providing you with on-site service

  • Monitored fleet activity for use in pro-active services

  • Supplies and maintenance kits included in program with on-site inventory

  • Fixed cost per page, making your billing predictable

  • Reduce IT help desk calls

  • Improved ROI and lowered Total Cost of Ownership on existing printers and MFP's

  • Single vendor billing

In the end, you gain control of your document processes and output so that you are printing smarter and saving more.

Please call us now to start taking advantage of this great program. We look forward to improving your bottom line!

Assessment Solution Management Vision Office Systems

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